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Cuba on Parade

Travel Tips for Cuba

Cuba has its own customs and conventions. Take notice, act like a guest, enjoy your stay.

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For the Love of Matthew

By the time a third round of Mojitos had been ordered, it was clear that Rosa was a master of seduction. Earlier that afternoon, two fair-haired Yumas meandering through la Habana Vieja had caught the eye of this beautiful young woman at her friend’s street stall. In half a blink, she was beside them. Were they hungry? Thinking about dinner? Could she recommend a special restaurant?

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Spirit of Cienfuegos

Madonna might think she has a monopoly on sinew but she can’t compete with the trishaw driver lugging two short, chubby foreigners from the Beny Moré statue on Avenida 54 to Club Cienfuegos where they hope to enjoy dos Cervezas Cristal and the famous sunset. Part way down Paseo El Prado — just after one says “I’m giving him every CUC I’ve got if he makes it” — the absurdity of this ride strikes them both. Read more

Cuba a go-go

Trinidad is about 320Km (200 miles) from La Habana. A morning’s drive (with time for coffee) where I come from but half a lifetime by Viazul bus. The bus ride itself is reasonably pleasant but the rigmarole of buying tickets so time consuming, we did the trip returned by taxi.

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