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Workers Around Japan

Friday the Thirteenth Bag Lady

Like millions of other people in Tokyo, we were just trying to get home. We’d had a lovely day out in Shibuya*, but were tired and keen to get back to our hotel in another part of Tokyo. Past experiences of rush hour have nothing on this, even in Beijing, and its railway station is supposed to be the busiest transport hub in Asia! In Tokyo station staff  help by literally shoving you into the way-overcrowded carriage and forcing the doors shut.

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Wandering in Gion

In Praise of Garlic

… and onion. Food in Japan is tasty, fresh, and a sensual delight with so many different flavours on the plate. Nonetheless, from time to time, I miss the staples of home.

Tonight, Google Maps wasn’t much help. It showed three restaurants close to Mikunigaoka^ Station and none sounded interesting.  I decided to scout around and soon came back with the news that there were at least a dozen close by. Read more


Despite a rocky start when I put my shoeless foot on the outside part of the building entrance, our visit to Orinasu-Kan – The Foundation for the Promotion of Hand-woven Textiles – was yet another example of the generosity and kindness of people that we met on this trip to Japan.

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