The next adventure begins. A few scraps to start.


Go Japan Go Has brief notes about cities and attractions. Seems to be mainly for booking hotels and tours. Links to Agoda for hotel bookings.

Culture Trip articles on Japan. Having read some of the ones on Cuba, I think they might gather info from PR statements but still worth a look.

Tokyo Cheapo has a good list of Tokyo areas. As does Tokyo Essentials though you have to navigate your way through the lovelies for hire.


Events in September and October on the Japan Cheapo site.


Ryokan booking site. Hot Springs destinations.

Citadines Shinjuku Hotel caught my eye on one of the booking sites. Looks nice and cheerful. Has a gym and cooking facilities. Worth considering if we’re staying a few days.

Airbnb Japan looks a bit exe but haven’t explored much.


Japan Rail Pass – purchase from JTB, Japan Experience, or International Rail Tickets. Has to be validated within three months of purchase so for late Sept trip, buy it in July.

Green tickets allow you to use First Class. Some sites only quote the price for ordinary tickets.

Tips from Man in Seat 61, and Japan Experience


Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range (UNESCO)

Might be worth reading this book: The Narrow Roads: In Search of Old Japan. “This is the first book by a western writer to explore life along the Kumano Kodo, the sacred pilgrimage route in the mountainous Kii Peninsula of south central Japan. O’Hara deftly weaves together his own experiences with the stories of the cultural icons that dot his path.”

OKU Japan travel off the beaten track.


Article about Yorozu, a shop that creates clothes from kimono fabric. It also has kimono dressing days.

Katayama Bunzaburō Shōten in Kyoto. Modern take on shibori. Articles are manufactured in China to Kazuo Katayama’s design.

Pagong Aloha Shirts


Yokohama Silk Museum Seems to be a museum about the production of silk. “At the Museum Shop, you can find Yokohama scarfs, foods containing silk, and other silk-related products and books.”

Ghibli Museum (Tokyo) Tickets for September on sale from 1 June via JTB

Kobe Fashion Museum Don’t know anything about this one. Not much English on the site.

Kyoto Costume Institute has a fantastic collection but is mainly a research facility and only has a very small exhibition space. Might be able to organise something.


Kyoto Museum of Modern Art


If we go to Yokohama, we’ll have to go to one of Jonathan’s Restaurants – though at $10.00 per head average price, it’s probably not fine dining.

Cooking Classes

Mayuko’s Little Kitchen (Tokyo) has classes in her home. Photos look good.

Simply-Oishii (Tokyo) classes seem to be organised through Meetup.