Delayed in Dallas

Day 1 of our trip to Cuba and Mexico, and what should have been a quick walk from one flight to the next has become a drawn out sojourn in the American Airlines lounge at Dallas Fort Worth.

It seems that downtown Texas is not used to snow and ice on the runway and a change in weather since we left home has resulted in almost all flights being delayed. Our fellow loungers are a doctor who broke her leg celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong and an American who is fascinated by cows.

The cows were a symptom of a holiday about to go wrong.

There were two couples waiting out the delay with the rest of us  – slumped, tired, frustrated. The chirpiest in the group was determined to keep the conversation going even when her companions were less than intrigued. By the time she resorted to a description of cows encountered on her last UK visit, the other three turned their faces to their drinks and let their posture do the talking.

Pip is very good at making sure we are well looked after and she persuaded the front desk to provide us with meal vouchers and something from the top shelf. The food looked less than appetising so we decided to take our chances on the plane. Drinks were pretty good though.

The photo above has nothing to do with Dallas or cows. It is the shopfront of a department store in Havana, Cuba. There’s nothing like a lime green swimsuit to liven up a post.