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Despite a rocky start when I put my shoeless foot on the outside part of the building entrance, our visit to Orinasu-Kan – The Foundation for the Promotion of Hand-woven Textiles – was yet another example of the generosity and kindness of people that we met on this trip to Japan.

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Shoes, sex, and serendipity

China is all about shoes, sex and serendipity … oh and most importantly, your feet. And how they are clad while you walk, stagger, sprint, sway, shuffle and stroll along so many miles of footpaths, tracks, stairs, museum floors, unmade roads, rain-drenched paths and pot-holed surfaces of every description (did I mention museum floors?).

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Travel Tips for Cuba

Cuba has its own customs and conventions. Take notice, act like a guest, enjoy your stay.

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Cuba a go-go

Trinidad is about 320Km (200 miles) from La Habana. A morning’s drive (with time for coffee) where I come from but half a lifetime by Viazul bus. The bus ride itself is reasonably pleasant but the rigmarole of buying tickets so time consuming, we did the trip returned by taxi.

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Sweet Dreams in Cuba

It’s our first time in Havana so Pip has booked a couple of nights at the Roc Presidente while we find our feet. One glance at this gracious 1920s classic with commanding views down Avenida De Los Presidentes, immaculate staff, a nearby bank, and taxi drivers on tap confirms that we’ve made the right choice. Baked Europeans encircle the pool by day and a Cuban girl band entertains guests at night.

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