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Nariwa Museum

If you are hoping for some fantastic shots of this Tadao Ando building, don’t go on a rainy day – the grey skies won’t do it justice and there is no shelter for you and your tripod while you set up the shots. A clear Autumn day would be good as you need sunlight to make the most of the angles and reflections. Plus the surrounding greenery showed promise of changing colours in early October. A day with blue sky might be too postcard perfect.

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Teshima Art Museum

Bubbles burst through the floor and make their way to one of the pools or puddles.

A concrete shell – a collaboration between Rei Naito and Ryue Nishizawa


Three Rooms at Chichu

We stand on ceremony here. Young women robed in white by Taishi Nobukuni direct the rituals—this way please, take a seat, form a queue. Cameras reluctantly stowed, we follow directions, wait our turn, and wish we’d worn nicer socks.

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Mummy Dearest

When visiting the Regional Museum in Urumqi, we find ourselves in another Xinjiang.

Don’t grimace – this mummy is from 800 BC. A relatively young ‘un, this Quiemo Female Mummy (above) is one of the many beautifully-preserved and expertly-displayed relics at the intriguing Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Museum. She’s 160 cm, a mix of Europoid and Mongoloid and was exhumed just a few years ago. Read more

Shoes, sex, and serendipity

China is all about shoes, sex and serendipity … oh and most importantly, your feet. And how they are clad while you walk, stagger, sprint, sway, shuffle and stroll along so many miles of footpaths, tracks, stairs, museum floors, unmade roads, rain-drenched paths and pot-holed surfaces of every description (did I mention museum floors?).

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