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Mummy Dearest

When visiting the Regional Museum in Urumqi, we find ourselves in another Xinjiang.

Don’t grimace – this mummy is from 800 BC. A relatively young ‘un, this Quiemo Female Mummy (above) is one of the many beautifully-preserved and expertly-displayed relics at the intriguing Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Museum. She’s 160 cm, a mix of Europoid and Mongoloid and was exhumed just a few years ago. Read more

History Holding up the Sky

History buffs and architecture aficionado probably know that Walter Burly Griffin and Eric Nicholls designed several groundbreaking incinerators for Sydney during the interwar years. Not me though, I was unaware of these buildings before I received an invitation to John Young’s exhibition, Modernity’s End: Half the Sky – Two Australians in China. As such, I was in for a real surprise when I visited the exhibition at Willoughby Incinerator on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

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