Buses, Bicycles, Beds

To save you time trawling the Internet looking for information about Cuba, here are some sites that have useful information about travel, accommodation, and learning Spanish.

Havana Guide (in English) Tour Guide site that has some interesting historical and cultural information.

Travelling by Bus (Serena Star-Leonard’s website)

Viazul is the national bus company designed for tourists and covers almost the entire island. The buses in Cuba are spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned and generally clean although some of the routes had gross toilets.

Local Transpor (Cuba Culture website)

As long as you are not expecting a stretch limousine and are willing to embrace the culture and enjoy sometimes travelling in an old 1950s American car, in a GoCar, on an old bus or on a hand-made bicycle taxi … getting around in Cuba is relatively easy.

Budget Travel in Cuba (Serena Star-Leonard’s site)

By all accounts the host families are extremely lovely, friendly and helpful and will do everything in their power to make your stay as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

Havana Casas (Your Own Cuba website)

Havana has hundreds of casas, ranging from small inexpensive rooms inside homes to independent apartments and to huge staffed mansions with pool and 6-8 bedrooms. The casas we have listed are those that we like, use and recommend.

27 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Cuba (YTravel website)

Since our recent trip to Cuba, we’ve become one of its best promoters. It turns out that just like any other destination a little preparation is all you need to have the best time in this mysterious, beautiful country.

Misconceptions about Cuba by Glen Roberts

two questions … why are so many Cubans fleeing in boats? … but what will happen when Castro dies? … The answers come under misconception #11 and misconception #14.

And to learn the Lingo

Free Spanish Resources: Lessons By Ron Slone

Babbel Spanish … costs between $7 and $13 (AU) per month