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Author: Pip

Workers Around Japan

Friday the Thirteenth Bag Lady

Like millions of other people in Tokyo, we were just trying to get home. We’d had a lovely day out in Shibuya*, but were tired and keen to get back to our hotel in another part of Tokyo. Past experiences of rush hour have nothing on this, even in Beijing, and its railway station is supposed to be the busiest transport hub in Asia! In Tokyo station staff  help by literally shoving you into the way-overcrowded carriage and forcing the doors shut.

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Mummy Dearest

When visiting the Regional Museum in Urumqi, we find ourselves in another Xinjiang.

Don’t grimace – this mummy is from 800 BC. A relatively young ‘un, this Quiemo Female Mummy (above) is one of the many beautifully-preserved and expertly-displayed relics at the intriguing Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Museum. She’s 160 cm, a mix of Europoid and Mongoloid and was exhumed just a few years ago. Read more

Shoes, sex, and serendipity

China is all about shoes, sex and serendipity … oh and most importantly, your feet. And how they are clad while you walk, stagger, sprint, sway, shuffle and stroll along so many miles of footpaths, tracks, stairs, museum floors, unmade roads, rain-drenched paths and pot-holed surfaces of every description (did I mention museum floors?).

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