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Wandering in Gion

In Praise of Garlic

… and onion. Food in Japan is tasty, fresh, and a sensual delight with so many different flavours on the plate. Nonetheless, from time to time, I miss the staples of home.

Tonight, Google Maps wasn’t much help. It showed three restaurants close to Mikunigaoka^ Station and none sounded interesting.  I decided to scout around and soon came back with the news that there were at least a dozen close by. Read more


Despite a rocky start when I put my shoeless foot on the outside part of the building entrance, our visit to Orinasu-Kan – The Foundation for the Promotion of Hand-woven Textiles – was yet another example of the generosity and kindness of people that we met on this trip to Japan.

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Nariwa Museum

If you are hoping for some fantastic shots of this Tadao Ando building, don’t go on a rainy day – the grey skies won’t do it justice and there is no shelter for you and your tripod while you set up the shots. A clear Autumn day would be good as you need sunlight to make the most of the angles and reflections. Plus the surrounding greenery showed promise of changing colours in early October. A day with blue sky might be too postcard perfect.

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Teshima Art Museum

Bubbles burst through the floor and make their way to one of the pools or puddles.

A concrete shell – a collaboration between Rei Naito and Ryue Nishizawa


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