Love this cover image of Japan It’s Kanazawa

I’ve always known Yamagata was a sister city to Swan Hill, but I found this interesting-sounding bloke when I looked into it a bit Euan the potter
He’s no doubt out of the way, up in the mountains, living his off-the-grid life with his wife, four kids and his very special, ancient kick wheel.

And in other interesting discoveries – Nik may need us to buy him something special here for when he comes to PAX this year. Come to think it, Johnno may need something too.
It’s Harajuku

And some of the images I’d love to capture (or have you take for me – you are a MUCH better photographer). The cover pic at the top of this page, obviously, plus
This is Wakayama and another possibility could be Sapporo though maybe it’s more a wonderland in Winter?

Did you read about Pantu
It’s early October. Loved the silk museum you found.

Hot springs might be nice? Though there are millions of them – all different places, sizes, qualities, prices.

There’s the Takayama festival while we are there (not 100% sure about this festival – though I like the picture).

re Temples There’s UNESCO details or maybe a walking tour is a great way to see the temples? And there’s silver mining there – in Japan -too!